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Out Of Hours - Appointments

Out Of Hours - Appointments
Anxious About Returning?
Following the success of our Wednesday later opening times, we have decided to do this each Wednesday and Thursday. Bookings being taken now via phone or email to or Facebook Message. These appointments are designed to support those customers whom haven't ventured out yet or feel more vulnerable and need more space, giving the opportunity to experience our new measures with staff on hand to help. The comments we received last Wednesday were 'I would have no problem coming to the store now I have been', 'The layout was perfect and easy to follow', ‘I wish I had come sooner’, ‘My confidence was low but I feel much better now’ and ‘There was really nothing to worry about’. The store is spacious and we have measures in place to ensure you have plenty of space with no crowding, whatever day or time you visit. You will find we have no queues currently. We take this seriously and follow and practice what we say to ensure you have the confidence to keep coming back.
Our appointment times are Wednesday and Thursday 5.00pm - 5.15pm with the store closing at 5.45pm.
Our normal opening hours were NO appointment is needed are Mon - Sat 9.30am - 5.00pm and Sunday 10.30am - 4.30pm
 Appointment slots 5 minutes apart. This will ensure that you can have even more space the first time you visit and gives you the opportunity to experience our new measures with our staff on hand to help. Max of 3 people per slot. You will have until 5.30pm to shop. This is for JAK Hanson Only. (Not the Food Hall)
BOOK NOW on 01257 786080 or email or send a message via Facebook
When booking you will be given the next available slot.