Kleeneze Flat Head Mop & Bucket Set

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Product Description

This Kleeneze Flat Head Mop and Bucket Set is ingenious and innovative! It has a 180-degree swivel mop head for those hard-to-reach places and it can be used on a variety of floor surfaces.

When mopping your floor, simply soak the mop in the bucket and then place it in the in-built wringer to get rid of all of that water so it won't go everywhere! Mop away! REPEAT!

Once you have finished, simply throw it into the washing machine for cleaning.

This mop and bucket set is space saving with its slimline design and can be neatly stored away when finished with. Plus, they come in those traditional Kleeneze colours - pink and grey.

There are lots of Kleeneze products to choose from.  


  • BUCKET SIZE - 19cm (L) x 16cm (W) x 34.5cm (H)
  • MOP SIZE - 129cm (H)
  • COLOUR - Pink & Grey

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